The mystery of a dirty barn aisle

You've seen the movie Night at the Museum? Or watched Shaun the Sheep on TV? I think we have similar situation here at Villa Viba.

When I say goodnight to the horses, turn off the lights and close the door for the night, the aisle is clean and tidy. Well, there might be few bits and pieces here and there but it's tidy. Then the morning comes, I open the door, turn on the lights and say my good mornings to the horses. The sight is unbelievable. There's bedding all over.

It's like there has been a party..or a fight club going on. All the horses are in their own boxes, some wake up and they all look like they have no idea what has happened. You could imagine their boxes are as messy, but usually not.

We have CCTV on the premises, but it doesn't show what goes on during the night at the aisle. I wonder if the horses have some help from an IT-genius barn elf.

The mystery remains. And so does the morning mess.

- J

The innocent one?

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