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I'm overwhelmed by both joy and desperation when I look at Vipsu. Life has taken its tone. We don't speak the same language, but we understand each other to a certain point. There is so much to be happy about, but little things remind me how it all can be over in a blink.

Even so, I'm scared to admit things have been good lately. The biggest issue has been the scratches on Vipsu's backside. Someone said they look like lynx kitten made. Not sure about that, although we have a bit bigger stable cat on the premises. And it does have a baby. Gladly the wounds have healed nicely.

Venda is now 5 months old. Time flies. She was officially identified two weeks ago. She handled it well. As a reward she got a new fancy halter. Nice, since her Shetland pony size halter has gone small.

The man who identified her, told me she had nice and straight legs. That made me really happy. She does have nice legs. It was nice to realize all the work we've put in is paying off. All the training, massages, physios and farrier visits are finally showing.

Venda's movement has improved a great deal. She still needs to get some muscle on her left hind groin but the hoof is growing strong and straight. Venda is, despite her young age, a sport horse and her care is according. 

We haven't forgotten she's still a baby though. I admit it's sometimes hard to remember she is so tiny, age wise. Her new turnout rug is 125 cm (back) and she's almost grown out of it already.

She's not only growing in size, she's also growing enormous ear hair and a winter coat. Her passport states she's a dark liver chestnut. We had to think about that for a moment. Lighting makes all the difference. In some light she looks red chestnut and in another light very dark.

Her mother is growing her winter coat as well. She also has new bend-ors appearing and lots more mixed hair. Ben-or's are apparently something not to be worried about. Maybe it's the same with mixed hair? What you think, should I worry?

What you doin'?

I've been asked frequently why Venda is still with her mother. And I keep asking what's the rush? When the two fight over their dinner, I realize it wouldn't be too soon if it was done today. But since we're not in a rush and we don't have a free box for her at the moment, we're learning little by little. We did the same with Vipsu's first born and that went well.

Let me see!

Venda has been overly independent since she was little. "Mother went in but I don wanna!" And so she disapears to the darkness, or to the neighbors. "Keep screaming!" And we do! Not Vipsu, but us human. Or when we're at the outside arena working with Vipsu, she decides to have a jog outside the ring, not caring there is actually a fence and a gate. She's not only a wild little thing but a jumper as well.

She doesn't like to be left alone in the stable as much. But as long as she's having hay in front of her and Viikari by her side, she's content. 

Vipsu has been eager to go out and have a jog. She enjoys the time she get's to herself seemingly. How do I know she's enjoying? Her ears turn and her eyes sparkle. She doesn't want to walk, she rather jogs in good tempo.

I can't wait to have more of these moments with her, just the two of us.

- J

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