My must haves - getting through the day

It's one thing to be disabled but having a stable to manage as well makes some days trickier than others.


2011 I got into a horse-riding accident. My left leg got badly broken. Almost a year later my leg was operated since I wasn't able to walk properly. Little did I know, situation got even worse.

I was in a wheelchair for months and had to use crutches for a long time. The pain never went away. I'm probably never going to be able to run or dance again but I'm grateful I can walk and "ride" horses.

In 2014 I built Vipsu her own stable, Villa Viba. Small stable for 6 horses. I felt it was the last chance to make a dream come true. We needed a place where both Vipsu and I could continue our journey together. I had no idea how bad my situation would get in the future, it was now or never.

Not many supported the plan. I heard many say: You're not able to. Some because of genuine concern, some because they were annoyed I think. To me it was like adding fuel to the fire.


I can't say it has been easy. I have struggled. But there hasn't been a day I didn't survive.

Because of the pain I don't sleep very well. That's probably one of the biggest issues. What gets me going after a sleepless night is Coca-Cola. My number one must have.

Must have #1: Coca-Cola

It's not only the nights I struggle with pain caused by the accident. It's pretty much all day long. Some days are worse. If I'm on my legs all day long it gets worse. If I have to use stairs it gets worse. If I sit too long it gets worse. If I take one bad step it gets worse.

When the pain is worse, I hardly get any sleep. And when I sleep poorly, the pain gets worse. It's a never ending circle. Rest would be a key controlling the pain but juggling with two jobs to get by, rest is a rarity.

This is where painkillers step in. I've tried almost everything. When the drug is strong enough to ease the pain it makes me feel dizzy and disoriented. Impossible combination when you need to use a car everyday. I still need to take some. Swallowing pills is difficult but with Coca-cola possible.

Since I have nerve damage in my left leg it's very tender to touch. Sometimes shoes I'm wearing make it worse. It's not wise to wear flip-flops all year round (I'd love to tough) because of the weather or safety reasons. Solution is to wear wellies most of the time. I feel cold all the time, but when wearing my winter wellies I'm good. They give me steady grip and warmth.

Must have #2: Polyver Boots

After fuelling myself with cold Coca-Cola and painkillers I jump into my winter-boots and start cleaning the stables. This is where must have number three, electric muck fork, shakes itself in.

When I first bought it, I was sure I made a mistake. The fork is quite heavy. After mucking out a box my shoulders felt powerless and hands were shaking. Blood circulation in my hands accelerated so much they turned red and tingled. It was awful.

Since I spent good money on it, I didn't give up. After few weeks I got the hang of it. There is no turning back. Cleaning the boxes has never been so easy, fast and efficient. I save time and effort, less bedding goes to waste and I actually save money.

Must have #3: GabelMaxx electric muck fork

Mucking out the stable is physical. But doable. There's many things I simply cannot do myself. Like moving hay bales weighing up to 400kg or snow plowing the whole estate during winter. I could put the horses into work as finnhorses are workhorses but I rather use the tractor. It saves time.

Must have #4: Valtra A95

Since I work elsewhere and horses need to be transported every now and then, a good car is a must. I love fast sports cars but they just won't do. So I drive a Subaru Forester.

When other four by fours end up in a ditch, my Forester pulls them up and manages to pull itself up as well. It does more than it's job. It's nice and handy in size but still powerful. More than money's worth compared to other similar cars. It's nice and smooth in higher speed as well as on the fields.

Must have #5: Subaru

I love and hate the car. It has it's weaknesses, for example all lights went out in the darkness of finnish winter night. Not the bulbs but the whole mechanics. The car has bad karma as well. It was painted three times during the first year I had it. Never my fault.

- J

Inspired by Hay-Net's #HorseBloggers Blog Block Tip #21. As always, with a twist!

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