Hard decision. Right decision?

Sometimes the walls come tumbling down. You try your best but it's just not enough. Sometimes you need a break and don't get one. Sometimes you're selfish and sometimes you try to do the right thing. That's life.

To me it has always been obvious my furry family is to stay. They're my responsibility, my choice. They deserve the best. They come before anything else.

Then Vipsu got very sick. Vet bills got five numbered. Money was running out. Last couple of years had been both mentally and physically demanding. I was tired. Viikari was having trouble with his osteomyelitis. Trouble piled. I still kept giving the furry ones the best of everything.

Pain face?

I had been having riding therapy for years. It got me back on my feet after the accident and kept me going. I got Viikari to be a therapy horse for me and a friend to Vipsu. Due to his osteomyelitis, I wasn't able to ride him. That was ok for me but for him, a young horse, life got boring. Vipsu seemed to hate him. Somehow everything started to seem pointless.

It must be?
Few weeks ago, Viikari got permission to start working again. My riding therapist had few customers in need of a proper therapy horse so we agreed she could use Viikari with them as well. This would help me financially and Viikari would get much desired activity. Things seemed to be getting better.

But they didn't. My therapist wasn't able to start working here (Due to 'a third party'). It was a setback but since Viikari was feeling better I could get someone to rent him occasionally.

As if. He went lame again after few times. It was obvious the leg couldn't bear the job.

Or is it?
My therapist found a place where she was able to carry on working but she was short of a horse. We agreed Viikari would move to her as a try out.

Today I looked at him having a kid on his back, doing vaulting, and I just knew I had to let him have this chance.

It was tough decision for me to make but I'm quite certain, the right one (for Viikari, I cry my eyes out). Riding therapy is not that heavy on Viikari's leg. He will get activity he desires. He will be surrounded with children which he loves. He will be getting regular exercise. And I will hopefully save few hundred euros a month when someone else is paying for him.

Nope, Venda face!
The therapy place is quite close so I'll be able to go and ride him if I wish. And I get to see him as much as I like. I can keep a close eye on his leg and well being. I have people I know and trust working with him. And he's still mine. Just living in a different stables through winter.

If all these boxes mentioned didn't tick I wouldn't do this. I genuinely think this is better for him. If he does well, we all win. If he doesn't, he'll come back home, since this is where his home will always be.

I love him and I have to think what's best for him. Now I'll focus on enjoying the two weeks he's still at home.

- J

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