I'm easily inspired. Inspiration usually hits me when everything else resists. For example during the night when I should be sleeping.

Now's not the best time to do anything. The constant rain makes dark even darker and the weather is quite chilly. And that's kinda what gave me the inspiration. Constant rain. Venda needed a shelter from the rain. And she needed it now!

Vipsu photobombing

My original thought was to get a used mobile stable. Then budget happened. And the unrealistic asking prices. I'm not sure about the maths used, but to ask 1500 euros more for a used mobile stable than a new one doesn't quite seem right.

Basic shelter with  nothing but a roof on top of four posts is quite easy to do. It takes only a day or two to build: During the summer, when on vacation and with some luck. In the darkness, while pouring rain, without any spare time the project will prolong. Took us a whole week, not ready still.

When you use the time you don't have on something you didn't need to do, something else doesn't get done. Things you should've done. Things to do with the shelter and things that have nothing to do with the shelter. But when on inspiration and half way there it's late to push the brakes.

Yesterday was the day Vipsu and Venda were introduced to their new "pad". Venda ran right in. "Oh, this is so cool! My new fancy toilet." Vipsu wasn't as impressed. She suspected the shelter was actually a guillotine and was really worried her child ran into her death.

Few hours later Vipsu shared the joy of their new decked toilet. My idea was to give the little one a dry and clean place to nap. Oh well. Apparently they were in need of a toilet and once again I misinterpreted their needs.

- J

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