I quess you could describe me as hypersensitive. No I don't have allergies, don't mean that kind of sensitivity. I keep hearing things (yeah, go on, say I'm crazy). Ok, most of us have a hear but I keep hearing even the quietest whispers from across the hall. I keep hearing things I don't need or want to hear. Not only gossip.

I can hear a car when it comes to the stables. I live more than hundred meters away, behind a grove in a log cabin with fairly thick walls. I can hear someone breathing in the back row when I sit in frontrow.

Sometimes the information and noises are overwhelming. I shut myself in a bubble. After that all hearing and even understanding my surroundings stop.

This sunday I heard something I rather did skip hearing. And it wasn't because of my hypersensitivity. I was having a small break from cleaning the stabbles. I was with a friend. Because we were cleaning the stables from top to bottom everything had been carried outside and washed. All doors were wide open. Maybe someone interpreted that as an invite.

She look worried. Maybe she saw who it was :D

That someone walks into the stable like he knew the place. It seemed to me a male, pace gave it away. We could hear a sound of over sized wellies. I thought it was our neighbor. He stopped. That was strange. I peeked through the door. There was no one there. At least not from this planet.

I was glad to have someone with me. It was nice someone else heard the same things and saw the same nothing standing in the stable. This is not the first time strange things happen. They have happened to me and some of my customers before but this was the first time it happened when there were two people present.

There has been sightings of a young boy but we haven't seen him in a while. An older man is becoming more regular visitor.

We looked everywhere to figure out who or what it was that walked into the stable. But we found no man or no traces.

Pity. We were about to carry in the heavy stable mats. Could have used all the help available. It was like a bad game of tetris. Trying to put those mixed pieces together and fit them back in the boxes seemed impossible.

If my friend Anu wasn't there to help I'll probably was still carrying those mats around. If so I quess there would be a huge fire on the front yard.

But this ghost business. It is giving me the creeps. There is a perfectly rational explanation to everything, right? I need that explanation. I'd love to have nice home here for not only the horses but for myself as well. And that's not happening.

Have you had any inexplicable encounters?

- J

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