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Sacrifices for greater purpose, you've heard of those?

Virgins, children, goats which old nations like the Inkas sacrificed to the gods in order to get better crops or whatever needed. Like spells to find out what life holds for you. Or as in movies, someone sacrifices their little finger or the left arm. They pray and they promise anything, as long as "you don't take my son".

Vipsu with her on-off best friend.

I was desperate for a foal. Vipsu already had one, Ilpo, but she was sold to another home and I wanted one for myself. And being a breeder basically requires more than one foal..We had tried for so long without any success. It was always twins and abortions took them both. I wondered if there was something I could promise or give to the universe.

I promised the universe I will give the foal an awful name. Then universe could rejoyce the ridicule this name would cause me. Maybe then the universe would be mean enough to give Vipsu a healthy little foal. That's doing magic my way.

We had tried to get Vipsu pregnant almost two summers. Current summer was about to be over and I had to make a decision to use another stallion. Vipsu's back problem made the decision even easier. Stallion we had used for the whole time only did mating the old fashion way.

We had one more heat to go and the project got named LiibaLaaba (Dam Viba, new sire Liising). There's no accurate translation for that but basically it means gibberish or nonsense. LiibaLaaba, DiipaDaapa. Name is an omen so does this mean the horse won't be nothing more than a pretty little ornament?

Since finnish breeding association requires more than one suggestion for naming the foal, we desided Liibasin (Trigger with a twist) would also be a choice. If the foal is like launching a gun, does it mean it runs to the finish line like a rocket?

When you trust your luck it's easy to promise anything.

Like you might have guessed, Vipsu got pregnant and the result is Venda.

- J

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