Same but different

Foaling your mare isn't quite like working at the assembly line. Not for me atleast. It's hard enough to keep the mare alive and the results may vary. Both foals have been beauties but I still cannot say Vipsu makes a certain kind of foals.

Analyzing would probably be easier if Vipsu had more than two fillies. Some similarities are ovious, like them being the same sex but there's also some absolute differencies.

Vipsu's head is beautiful, her eyes enchanting and her ear's are (extra) long. One thing is clear, both her dauhgters have inherited these noble features and her facial expressions.

Facial expressions tell a lot about character. They both have expressive eyes. Character is one of they're more ovious difference althoug they share many similarities characterwise as well. Other one is like a terrorist and the other like michievous little clown. Ilpo kicks, Venda doesn't.

They're different but they're the same. They both have inner strenght. They have a strong sense of worth. They both are a bit stubborn little know it alls, Venda maybe a little bit less so. She's nicer and more cooperative all around. Let's allow this stubborness for them to have and trust they'll never give anyone anything too easy. That'll protect them whatever comes their way.

Girls have different dads. They're early childhood has been quite similar. Both have been handled since the day they were born. I've said the sire's character is underrated when it comes to foal's character. With these two sire's relevancy to character is quite clear.

For example attitude towards farrier. With Ilpo (first born) it was a struggle to get her hooves checked. It took the entire day and never got done. She did know how to lift her feet and keep still with us, but didn't do it for anyone else. Venda on the other hand lets the farrier check her hooves being loose. She stays nice and still patiently.

We've had the same farrier to check them both. He said Ilpo (a filly) should go and live her first year with colts and a week ago he mentioned Venda is the kindest foal he's met.

Although Venda seems easier (and she is in many ways), she doesn't come to you when you call her. Not like Ilpo did. Venda is much more independent than Ilpo was. Venda, now almost 3 months old, has desided to have her own box instead of living with her mother. Every night she marches to farest box available from where her mother is. When you try to ask her to move back in with mom she rather runs around the stables.

Sometimes I play with the tought of  her staying on her own despite her age.

Yes I could keep her haltered but as I am fairly lazy and keep cheating myself with the tought this being more effective way, I just take the mother and we get in. Sometimes Venda wanderers away before the front door but mostly after getting inside. Because she walks nicely with halter, I let her have little bit of freedom every night.

While inside her favorite activities include diving into molasses, sweeping the stall aisle and spreading things like brushes around. Something Ilpo wasn't fascinated about. It used to cavort around the aisle as well but in very different way.

Their frames also differ. Ilpo was like a bodybuilder, Venda not so much. She's more twiggy. On the other hand she's seems older than she is, more mature and ready. Probably because she has more leg and she's taller.

Where as Ilpo seemed to hold on to her baby hair, Venda has shedded her own ages ago.

They both were born without IgGs. They both had plasmatreatment and got better even though both were otherwise healthy and very brisk. Ilpo used the have diarrhea every 21 days, while mother was in heat. Venda has had only one minor episode of diarrhea. It was basically a fart and few spatters.

Ilpo and Ilpo's appetite. ©Päivi Eskelinen

So far Venda has spared from colic and diarrheas but she's had crief with her hind leg. With her appetite I'm glad we're spared colics but I won't boast about it since just before writing this she went and ate someone else's dinner. They both get their appetite from their mother unfortunately.

It's interesting to see how they change as they grow. And if they grow different or the same.

- J

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