Venda and her big sis

It was a bitter sweet day. My beloved furry baby Noa past away three years to date and Venda turned into a three month old (September 1st). It had been long since I saw Vipsu's first born, Ilpo, but I finally got a chance.

Ilpo 2 yrs

Venda didn't get any presents for her "birthday" but I measured her. I knew she was a big one and growing too fast but the results were still a shock. She was almost 135cm high. Too much for her age. Now she's already four months old and grown even bigger..Gladly not so much hight as width and muscle.


Venda also got a new rug for her 3 month birthday which she didn't love so I quess it doesn't count as a present? To me the rug was a find: Nice colour, brand new, discount pony sized rug and it fit her perfectly. Now, a month later, it still fits!

Even though Venda didn't appreciate the rug as much as I did, she let me fit it on her nicely. Leg straps seemed a bit exciting for her. I actually prefer rugs without leg straps anyways so I took the other one off and made the other one to a tail strap.

We were both happy with the change.

Me and Ilpo

Without legstraps Venda seemed quite content with the rug. She didn't mind me putting it on and taking it off few times, not until the velcro made a sound. But even then the reaction was quite small.

She is such a good little horse with nice temperament compared to her big sister, Ilpo. With Ilpo everything was so much harder. She had opinions and she made them very clear. Venda has opinions and she makes them clear but she's also much kinder.

Or maybe time had given the memories a twist, maybe it felt different and harder back then because the foal was a first one for everyone.

Me and Ilpo

Well..we couldn't blame time altering our memories. When I went to see Ilpo she was having a snack at the stables. Instead of greeting me with a joyous neigh, she threw a bucket to my face. They call her a terrorist.

After the snack we hugged and kissed for hours. She was such a big girl but still the little darling she use to be.

- J

Me and Ilpo

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