Selectively smart foal and the power of pawing

After Venda was born I kept thanking the universe for such a smart and kind little foal. She learned everything very fast. She knew how to walk nicely when led and she behaved like a pro when her hooves were trimmed. Blanketing was easy as she stood still. So different from the first foal we had. She was pure evil and still very much loved!

Months went by and Venda turned into a six month old. Standing still, what's that? Blanketing is still manageable, but a big black bruise on my back reminds me how her bite force has grown. She's no baby anymore. Walking when led, oh she doesn't have an idea. After the last trip to the horse hospital, she's been behaving rather nasty.

I think she has too much energy and too little things to tire her head with. She's a bit bored. So the moment she's led is the best moment to have a little action. She doesn't cavort all the time, but does it too often and every time at some point.

Sometimes the action happens before the lead rope is anywhere close to the foal. Like when she's running around in our outdoor arena. The arena is fenced and has a gate, but when the foal thinks she's a kangaroo, there's no stopping her.

Usually she has her halter on while on the arena, so there is that little chance you can catch her eventually. But when she finds "the kangaroo within" while on paddock, it's another thing. She never wears a halter while outside unattended.

Ei nää istu, hypätään mieluummin ;)

When a six month old jumps fences over a meter tall, would you say she's aiming to become a jumper? When those fences are a meter and a half high, at what level might she be aiming to? No one would believe these jumps ever happen if there wasn't an eyewitness. And I'm glad there was someone to share the sight with me. Since this person was also a handy help when playing chase.

After all the jumping and running around the little one usually gets thirsty. So it's quite important to know how to use an automatic waterer. Venda learnt how to drink from her mother's waterer when just two weeks old. Now she has her own stall and her own waterer. Same kind, placed to the same spot than before, while she was with her mother, but for some reason she doesn't use it. When I put her to her mother's stall, it's almost the first thing she does, drinks from the waterer.

For her first born, Vipsu taught one really annoying habit, pawing. Venda hasn't quite absorbed this even though strong example is given on daily basis. Well not until she moved to her own stall. She began to grope little bit with her front leg. Then one day she accidentally hit her hoof to the stall wall the same moment her food was given to her. Now she knows..the power of pawing.

She may have picked up few bad habits and she may be cute and annoying at the same time, but there is one thing better than anything (and it makes up for much): While in stall, she poops in one place. Nice tidy piles, neatly lined. So easy to clean!

- J

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