You just got lost. Yes you did!

This is the story of special finnhorse mare Viba. An old racehorse with bad temper and her current owner and partner in absolute pout, badly tempered Jenny. They're soulmates, someone said. And I quess it's true.

I'm Jenny. The girl who swore never to get a mare, let alone a finnhorse mare. Never say never, there's magic in saying things like that.

Little did I know, when I first saw Viba. She's the best and worst ever happen to me. I'll quard her with my life and I know, she'll do the same for me. That's in finnhorse spirit and in their war horse heredity.

Me and Viba 2016

She has had a fair share of problems with her health and attitude. So much so, I had to give her a stable of her own. Now she is not only the queen of my life, but a queen of her own estate, Villa Viba.


She has given this world two absolute charmers, Ilpo (2015) and Venda (2017), both fillies. Ilpo was like satan itself, I quess she still is. Adorable little one, who gives you nothing for free but rewards lavishly. Venda, who's almost the opposite. Independent little princess who knows she has it all.


You'll also get to know our rank outsider, Mörkö (bogey), a black finnhorse gelding and who ever may cross our path.

Sorry for all the mishaps with translations..Comments much appreciated ;)


If you like to read in finnish, you'll find Viba's mainblog here.

- J


  1. Horse like it's owner or owner like it's horse... ooor rather in Finnish or Finglish, sellanen heppa kuin omistaja vai toisinko päin :) Hauska ensimmäinen postaus, hyvin kirjoitettu ja silti tosi honest :D Keep up the good work ��


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