Three years ago today, ten at night, Vipsu had her first born. I still remember it like it was yesterday. It was amazing experience for both of us. I'm so grateful for it all. I'm glad I managed to give Vipsu the chance to be a mom. Life was so good back then..

This tiny little miracle has grown into a beautiful young horse. I'm so proud of her. But it's hard to be happy today.

Today I would do anything to be blowing 16 birthday cake candles with Vipsu.

When I say, I would do anything, I literally mean it.

I'd do anything to have the one, who has my heart and soul, by my side again. To have you Vipsu:

A reason to dream the dreams I had real.

Not to drown in my sorrows, but to find the strength and willingness to breathe again, to wake up in the morning and to sleep at night.

So that I could blow candles on your cake, not light ones on your grave.

- J

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