Wintery wonder (photos of our herd)

Pictures of Venda.. I wish there were more, especially snowy winter wonderland-style photos. But there's not.

I decided to photograph all the Villa Viba horses in a snowy forest. Plan was to print them as  presents for the owners. Christmas was coming and everything..

Sadly the weather made the plan a bit hard. Whatever snow we had, always melted away. The little light we got during the day was there only for a glimpse. Plan also required someone to help and hold the horse for a pose. And as I have one bad leg and a snowy forest isn't the easiest of routes, I had to have breaks more than often.

The final failure came when one of my customers asked me to photograph her horse, where else, than in a snowy forest..I managed to photograph them all, and my cat, but there wasn't enough time, snow and light for Venda and Vipsu. Also, christmas came too early for most of these ;)

As always, copying is forbidden!

Hopefully next year will give us more light, more snow and all the free time in the world!
Have a happy new year!

- J

Ps. Story Of Jouhi can be found in Instagram

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