Till death do us part

Today is the International day of testament - never heard. Atleast until today when my Facebook feed was filled with charities telling me there is such a day and I could in fact make a donation in form of a testament.

Good idea!? And so is making a testament in general. I have one, do you?

I made a promise to Vipsu years ago. I promised she would never have to face anything unpleasant or scary - atleast not on her own. This is a promise I have kept and will cherish as long as I live, and even after.

It's impossible to avoid all things unpleasant in life. With horses those things usually are related to vets. But we'll face all things unpleasant side by side, knowing where both of our boundaries lie. The boundary is what ever is unnecessary. Quite many things are in fact.

Vipsu might not understand the words I whispered into her ear but something changed. Maybe she was able to interpret my gestures. Maybe it was the way I became to act afterwards. No matter what made the change, even the most unpleasant things have been easier to handle when we have been together.

I gained her trust. With a whisper. Some say I'm stupid to even think like that. It's not stupid, I may be, but not because of this. Horses do understand us. Maybe not the words but the emotional state we're in and the gestures we might not notice ourselves when we speak.

I once sat on a lecture of well-known Finnish horse trainer who talked about using words as thank you when training a horse. I felt I had to stop her and tell her my side but it wasn't my lecture so I sat quiet.

It doesn't matter what you say, it's how you say it. Talk to the horses.

It's not just the trainer. Many people around horses do think speaking to them is waste of time and effort. I'm glad more and more people understand there is no such thing as wasted effort when it comes to horses.

Some people seem to make promises to their beloved pets and horses. Maybe it is about them crossing the rainbow bridge maybe something else. For some the smallest change in life is a reason to give a pet away. To me death is only imaginable reason for us to part.

Have you ever thought what happens to your horse if you die before it does? I have.

Vipsu has one other person in her life who is almost as close and trusted to her as I am. Vipsu is what they call "one man's horse" so that's it. If this other person isn't able/doesn't want to carry on as promised, by Vipsu's side, Vipsu will die with me.

Death is not a punishment. It's not unnatural. You're not deceiving your loved one by letting it go and making sure there will be no pain or sorrows for them. On the contrary, you're making sure they're safe, forever.

I use to think you have to do everything to keep the beloved pets and horses alive, no matter what the situation was. I resented those who didn't. I've grown to realize death is kind and it doesn't have to be ugly or scary. All the grief and sorrow is with those left behind. The one who left does not feel pain, crief, sorrow or fear.

Death is always a worthy option. It can be the greatest love. The ability to let go.

At the old days it was quite common to bury a horse or a dog with it's owner. Some cultures even require the deceased's car to be wrecked...

Horse's like Vipsu easily end up travelling from home to home never finding their place. With my decision and testament I protect her from that. It is true there can be a good or even better home for her somewhere but I'm not willing to risk it. Testament is my way of keeping her safe.

As I have promised Vipsu I'll keep her safe as long as she lives, I have given similar promise to her offspring. As long as I live, I'm here for them.

I've had an official testament for the past ten years. I don't own much but I have and have had beloved pets and horses, who I want to keep safe no matter what the future holds. Some think I'm annoying but as many think it's a smart move.

- J

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